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TGI Monday! Secrets to having the work you love!

Yes, it is on a Wednesday, but wouldn’t it be nice to look forward to your workweek with TGI Monday? This talk is for people who are no longer aligned with their job and who want a career path that fulfills them, so they can make the impact that they want to make in the world. 

We will be covering the following points:

  • why knowing what you’re worth is imperative to having a career that you love
  • How to use your inner guidance system to know what you want
  • How to make the big jump 

…and more!

Tea and a light lunch will be provided. 

About the Organizer:
Marije Miller is a coach, trainer and speaker and has helped hundreds of people live life from their heart. This resulted in better health and sense of well-being and for many, a whole new career path.

Marije Miller, BCC

Human Design Life and Career Coaching
CCE Board Certified Coach
Accredited by the ICF 

phone: (916) 995-9695

Your Life Has A Purpose: Let Your Work Express It.

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